Aaargh! My Cats!
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Android; iOS
A story-driven infinite runner about a bunch of Goblins that have stolen a Faun's furry friends.


Once upon a time, beyond the Mystic Sea and the Mountains of Fire, there was an inn called... The Horned Beer! There, lived our hero... Wulfern! A warrior who once fought a thousand and one battles! Who now lives retired... Happily with his furry friends.
Our story begins on a night of a full moon. While Wulfern sleeps tight, a bunch of shadows enter his house to steal his most precious treasures...
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Help Wulfern get his kittens back! You will pursue the goblins throughout more than 50 levels, including ancient forests, high hills, abandoned temples, creepy castles and more!
Perform tricks and hit the ground in style! Pull off 360 spins to activate the BOOST, a special ability that allows you to become immortal for a small period of time and substantially increase your speed!
Defeat more than 10 final bosses, each one requiring you to think of a different strategy!
Collect coins to purchase new gear, crazy costumes, helmets and powerful skates in the shop! Isn't it time you thought about that gold sled you always wanted?

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Catsoft Studios
Martí-Joan Nogué Coll
Generalist Unity Toolsmith - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS