A100 VR Mobile
Journalism-driven depiction of a future highway construction project in Berlin
This project, a cooperation between Lokaler, VRagments, MIZ Babelsberg, and Berlin’s state-run media broadcasting company RBB, attempts to illustrate how the continuing expansion of the A100 highway could impact the local population. We visualized the route of a possible next construction phase through the heavily built-up district of Friedrichshain, blending 3D photography, 3D models both handmade and using open source zoning data, as well as interviews and soundbites with various parties. Platforms were smartphones using (for instance) Google Cardboard, as well as WebGL. Between hitting performance goals on weak hardware, dealing with CAD data, and figuring out details of the construction plans, it was a challenging and certainly interesting project. RBB also created a microsite ( with further information and as a hub for our applications.
Jens Brandenburg
3D Artist - Artist