A Winter Tale
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A Winter Tale

"Oh wait! What kind of creature is this?Are you an insect or...? I have never seen anything like you around here! Wait! WAIT! Where are you going! You are so beautiful! Come back!"

Pilu the little mammoth is chasing the most colorful creature it has ever seen and you are here to help it! It is so excited it can not even see around! Open the way and make sure it does not crash into anything that comes through its way! Oh! Wait! There are things falling from the sky too! Do everything you can in order to keep Pilu safe!


Set in an icy place far far away, a long time ago, "A Winter Tale" is a custom drawn 2d endless runner game developed in just 3 days by two Computer Engineering students. The player has to click on the obstacles to make them disappear and open the way for Pilu the mammoth. Keep in mind, every obstacle requires a different number of clicks in order to be destroyed!


8 randomly spawned obstacles
  • Chiri & Richi the Reindeers (Chiri is the angry one!)
  • Brud the Penguin
  • The Icy mountain
  • The Tree
  • The (almost) Tree
  • The Rock
  • A rare falling surprise!
Tip: Keep an eye on the sky!


Using the Sprite Skin Script from Unity 2018.x 2d Animation package, Richi,Chiri and Brud (and the rest of the in game characters) were animated easily and are now able to run, eat and enjoy their (not so long lasting) life!

Making Of

The Team

Christos Labrou (Developer)
Irene Ioannidou (Artist)

Game Developer - Artist
Christos Labrou
Computer Engineer - Game Developer - Student
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Game Developer - Artist
Vincent13122I love the art, looks gorgeous!
Thank you sooooo much! ^.^
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Student - Programmer
I love the art, looks gorgeous!