A walk through rain
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An after life journey
The final touches..
All in all it has been a rather challenging experience for myself as well as a few friends who they decide to throw in some models which I am more than happy to include them in.
For myself, I did never thought of venturing into cinematic as I have no experiences in cinematography, but this process is really an eye opener, and really got inspire by many other folks who presented their work in a really interesting way! Definitely would attempt this challenge again!
For the this final upload, it will be consist of the Cinemachine element whereby pan through the street, showcasing the street life after the existent of humans where now robots are the one being "happening" around.
Using various Cinemachine features to set volumes, fading in and out for intro and outro, as well as a hand full of virtual camera for various angles.

Other audio touches includes adjusting of foot step audio as well as space ship fly pass.

Added more details to the environment

From here on will be to figure out some Cinemachine soon, as well as more adjustment to the post process.
Also looking into adding some water puddle as well.
Added weather effects
Rain are done using Unity's Effects demo, and are adjusted to size just to fit the stretch of road.

Added volumetric lighting with post process

Converting a day to night scene.
This was recorded while the system is building the Volumetric Lighting.
While its building the shaders, I also noticed that volumetric light did not work on my MacBook pro, therefore from volumetric lighting on, will be working on a desktop replacement laptop.
Also, for volumetric light, I would be using the package call "Aura - Volumetric Lighting". Yes it is free! and it looks good! Will probably revisit volumetric lighting after this challenge to compare between Unity's Volumetric lighting and Aura.

Decided on an environment to use for a start.

So what's next from here will be to build a night scene.
The general idea now is to design something to portray an event whereby crazy inhabitants (bots) have taken over the town that was once belongs to mankind, and having fun like once humans did.
Some references:
It is my first time participating in such competition and would like to see how far I can go within 3 days!
I think this all starts with finding pretty assets and put them up all together, and after which doing the post effects and enhancement to the scene.
Not sure if able to make it in time, as have got not much experiences in Post Processes, but will see how things goes from here.
Hansel Koh
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chunmei zhao
a year ago
Excellent! A beautiful art piece.
3d Interactive Lead
good job