A Toon Shader or rather a Manga Shader
This is just a quick post to display something I have finished a couple an hour ago.
It's a Toon Shader that uses an highlight and shadow texture map and parameters. The special thing about it is that it I made it so that the mid-shadows are looking like an half-tone similar to the half-tone you find in a manga.
A cool part I like about it is that the half-tone is screen-based meaning that it doesn't get too condensed or too big even if it's close or far from the camera. It's also uses a similar toon shading effect that Ark System Work have uses in their games Guilty Gears Xrd and the recent Dragon Ball FighterZ meaning the visual quality and fidelity of the detail are kept even if zoomed close.
EDIT on 12th February 2018:
I did a lot of twinkling in the shader and tested a lot out of it. I added an example of a scene from a project I'm currently working on.
Maxime Bolduc
Graphic Designer & Project Manager - Owner