A Tale of Toys and Terrors
​A 2.5D Turn-Based Tower Defense and Card Game hybrid where the player plays as a stuffed animal in control of a toy army that protects a child at night from their fears and terrors. The game explores the maturation of fears over time. (Currently on hiatus)
A Tale of Toys and Terrors was in full production by a team of three programmers, two audio designers, and nine artists, and is one of five capstone projects in the Games and Playable Media Master’s Program at UCSC. It was made in Unity and released on with some updates since June, but is currently taking a hiatus before the final updates begin. I am the Creative Director as well as one of the three programmers for the game. I’ve done the following… - Designed the bosses and units. - Implemented the sound manager. - Programmed the functions for a plethora of the toy units and their respective cards. - Created, filled in, and kept various documents (macro design, macro design, story beats, difficulty and pacing, asset sheets for artists and sound designers, etc) up-to-date. - Created some art assets and animations for the last level and a few pieces of the UI. - Programmed some of the UI. Download Link:
Jonah Nobleza
Freelance Game Designer-Developer - Designer