A Social Composition
A Social Composition stemmed from the psychological principle where we reject inanimate authority. For example, a wall with a ‘WET PAINT’ sign gives the sudden urge to touch… just to check.

To explore this, I set up a keyboard in my University’s atrium outside the restaurant at around lunchtime. The keyboard was set recording MIDI data into my laptop hidden under a table. A sign was then placed on the table simply reading ‘PLAY ME’.

I recorded in this configuration for about an hour and then recorded for a while with a ‘DON’T TOUCH’ sign instead to note the difference in interactivity.

Once the MIDI data was recorded (and some ambient from an H2 hidden under the table), I began constructing a piece of music.

The MIDI values were unchanged with the exception of cutting regions. Instruments were associated with different aspects of the recording.

I hope you enjoy!
Paul-Jo Nielsen
Co-Founder of Bay6 Games and Nüwa Sounds - Other