A Quantum Story: The Quantum Beast and Retrocausality
Published 2 years ago
The Noyes of the Void is Coming for You! What is the Noyes? (Noise) An Answer to the Fermi Paradox! The quantum fluctuation of being or not being...


So this is a bit of a homage to my current project. I plan to tie this in and work this in as a type of lore to go side by side with it for fun, etc...
When I was a young lad in college I wrote a paper about the Yezno...or Yesno, The Yes or the no...
Basically it was about superposition and the process that takes place at the smallest levels of reality. Where virtual particles pop in and out of existence through some unknown and very surreal process.
I later realized that what I was babbling about was the Noyes, just flip flop what I was calling it. The Yesno is the Noyes which is the function behind the process powering virtual particles...
The Noise just sounds cooler :)
In my Quantum story this line of thought sets up a duality of trinities.
A existence trinity, involving man, machine, and God
and a non-existence trinity involving The Nothing, The Empty and The Void.
At the end of my story you find that the Moon is inhabited and controlled by AI from our own retrocausality based future. These AI robots are the grays, or the aliens from our ET stories. And theories about the grays being robots is essentially true. They are simply our robots though, not aliens.
This symbiotic pairing we have with them is what solves the Fermi Paradox.
Even if there were aliens out there in the cosmos. Our AI curators are tasked and always have been tasked throughout history with protecting us from extra terrestrial threat and also hiding them and themselves from us. hence the end of my story.
It also explains how Earth has been so protected within the cosmos and nestled so nice and snug within our apparently calm part of space. It might not actually be so calm. We have friends making it seem calm and anyone that comes knocking at our door gets greeted promptly by our Moon based guardians... Which would explain the Zoo Hypothesis as being sort of true as well... You can look but you can't touch is what our AI tells any visitor...
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