A Night at The Egyptian Museum
Published 2 years ago
Android; Other VR
A, 25 hour build, VR experience to test usability of the technology for the cultural industry.

A VR Mobile app that provides a fresh view about the museum experience, bringing together technology and ancient history. Pictures and sounds come together to imerse the player into a virtual museum and explore the history of mankind.
The player is in a room where many items are displayed and have an historical facts description audio to be heard. Each Stand has a green orb (start the audio) and a red orb (stop the audio) to be clicked. When done all the player has to do is press the back button.
Process Section
Statement of Purpose: Test the acceptance of a virtual museum experience.
May is a fictional character with 25 years of age, she lives in Brazil and does not have the money to travel and see the great collections from international museum.
“I would love an Interactive experience, to feel like I was there…”
3D Model Creation
Most of the models were self-made.
Was a good experience, though I have to say the more I develop for mobile devices, more eager I get to migrate to desktop VR and/or high performance VR. The restrictions (shaders, lights and etc…) in the mobile platform still reduce the level of reality considerably.
Rafael M Gurgel Santos
Freelance VR Programmer C#/Unity - Programmer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Android; Other VR