A Journey to become a Game Maker by Adrián Campos
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Adrian Campos

Made with Unity Video

Music: Evan King

Proxi #1: Love

When I was a child I played videogames all the time, like most of people that get into this world of gaming I wanted to be a Game Creator, but many people here in Costa Rica said to me that is imposible, they said that when I grow up I will understand that life is not than easy and money is very important for living, I was a really obstinate child because that was what I wanted to be and in that time Video Games were not considered as a work in my country, but in my heart it was everything, I used to use a software called Micromundos and then I started to make some games. My favorite Video Game Console since childhood was the SNES, but in this proxi I wanted to express how much I Love Gaming World and that's the reason why, there are some simbolisms of Microsoft and Crash Bandicoot (PS One).

Proxi #2: Death is not the END

My adolescence was very unstable, I started to think about the meaning of life, and the reason why we are here in this world, nothing had sense for me then, and I used to had serious depressive atacks, I cried a lot because I felt psychologically bad, I thought that I was useless..
I used to sleep many hours per day only for not to think in something that could make me fell bad and I had lost many classes on highschool because of this. Months later I left high school, and then I started to work on my aunt's bakery, it was a bad experience for me because I used to work a lot of hours per day and receive a low quantity of money, so I quit when I had the opportunity.
Then one my uncles got sick, I loved him so much and I felt so sad of what amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) was doing to his body, he used to be a chubby man until he got sick, then he was transformed into almost a skeleton, it was so hard for me, see him in that condition... Until he died.. We were there when it happened, I cried a lot, I saw how he stoped to breathe, it was the most painfull experience that I have, but it was not going to be the last time that I see someone dies.
Soon on december 23, 2012 I had a strong stomachache so we went to the hospital and then the doctor said that I have to be operated by emergency, because of some inflamed ganglions in my abdominal zone, I was shocked because he said that I could die in some hours if I am not operated.. So they sent me to Calderon Guardia, another hospital.
There I saw 5 more people die in recovery room, been sick on december was so cruel for me, the most dangerous accidents happen on those days of the year and hospitals are full of patients..
After all of this things happened I felt that this is a second opportunity for me to live my life as I wanted and the first thing that I had to do is to finally get my high school degree, studying in my house.
This proxi represents that if you have another opportunity you have to take it and don't left the Game of Life until you stop to breathe.

Proxi #3: New World (Bifrost)

I started to use Blender & Unity when I was 17 years old I really got in love with this 2 softwares, I was thinking about a universities where I could study something related with Video Games, something more like artistic, because I love Video Games Art and I wanted to know more about it, so I thought that there is no place like that here in Costa Rica until I found CETAV at Facebook, it is a beautiful place to study and I wanted during 2 years to enter there, so I got my high school degree, and the first thing that I did with it is to finally met the people that made CETAV project possible.. I was so nervous, with watery eyes I saw them, this was finally the chance that I was searching for, all my life, all of my dreams conclude there, in that very moment and the decision to really be who I wanted to be, it was only the beginning of something greater.
Now I'm graduated from CETAV, I studied 3D Digital Animation there and also we had a class of Game Design , I really love have studied there, now there is a long road infront of me, with great opportunities and challenges.
This Proxi represents all of those challenges and decisions that we have to take for us to be in a better places. Would you enter in that portal or not? C:

Making of

Concept Art

I have started by drawing a some fast sketches and planning what I wanted to do.
At first it had to be good looking pieces of environment for this reason I thought that the silhouette of the environments have to be strong since the beginning of the concept.


One of the most important things that I have learned at CETAV is to be organized, with this on mind I made a schedule of what I was going to do, and how much time it was going to take me approximately.

Modeling & Texturing

As Video Game Artist I am obsessed with optimization, so for this reason I used Floating Geometry technique and Baked Textures, knowing that this could take me more time than I expected, but the results can be better because it is Low Poly at the end. I modeled every 3D model and baked every texture on Blender, and I painted the textures using Photoshop.

Riggin & Animation

I didn't want to waste a lot of time on this, so I did a basic rig for the Soul and used Advance Skeleton for the Hand in the Proxi "Death is not the END" using Maya, nevertheless for other proxis I animate them directly from Unity.

Programs used

Blender, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator and of course Unity
I hope you liked it , this is a very fun challenge it allowed me remember all of those things that happened to me until now, and fell prouder and happier for what kind of person I have become, Thank you so much!

Adrian Campos
Game Designer / Artist - Artist