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This game were developed and created by us two, Alex and Bennett. We're from Singapore currently studying first year in Game Programming and Development in the Institute of Technical Education Central. This is our first competition and also our first time using Unity to enter this challenge.
Submit a 3-5 minute long 1080p video on a public video platform pitching their project and showcasing their final product.
Summarize the project and how it incorporates the theme.
The project is about learning Japanese hiragana which is the basic Japanese phonetic alphabet. It is mainly used by new or fresh speakers or writers of Japanese as it represents every of the sounds in the Japanese alphabet and it also helps to spell out difficult words in Japanese.
“Teach people something new.”
It incorporates the theme as it helps new people that are interested in Japanese to learn in a whole new way which is by playing, with continuous repetitive, to study and memorize the alphabets of Japanese.
Outline the inspiration behind the project, including any references or concepts used to design the project.
Our inspiration is from a few references. One would be from a certain developer known as Billy Korean have developed a Korean learning game that helped many learn Korean in a fun way. Another inspiration would be battle cats with their cute and fast-paced action combat scenes. The assets were inspired by Human Fall Flat where their models are made with low polygons model.
Highlight the tools and features used to create the project.
3D animations were made using Mixamo, 3D Models were made using Maya, Audio were taken from, fonts used are ARLRDBD and SoukouMincho, BGM are taken from
Highlight any assets created in-house or Unity Asset Store tools or assets used. In addition, work-in-progress updates should be shared, which reveal something about the creative process.
We modeled the characters such as the fighters and mages models, the weapons that were used by the characters. Props were also modeled using Maya.
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