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Work In Progress #01: reference .
Hi Everyone.
My name is Rajesh, i m from Mumbai, India. from past 2 days, I m working on a APAC challenge, for that I m choosing Kolkata city which is situated in India. The city is widely regarded as the "cultural capital" of India, and is also nicknamed the "City of Joy". For that, for challenges like this, I need proper details reference. I was looking for various references of the city. found references from online source.
Work In Progress #02: Scaling . While working on environment models I think the scaling of the 3d models and props is the most important part. without that, u cant create realistic models. or your final output will be very poor. For this project i m using 3ds max for Modeling texturing and Unity3d 2017 for Shading and lighting and final scene complete.
Below is the picture for actual scaling for human figure measurement in the scene.

Work In Progress #03: Buildings and Props
Start from Building creation for that i have taken multiple reference of the city. type of billboards on the building give real feel of the Indian type of buildings.

Work In Progress #04: Transportation and other props second most important part of the environment is transportation.

Work In Progress #04: Entire scene with all details
Now i have to start working on Texturing part for the entire scene. very less time remaining for final submission.

Work In Progress #05: Almost done with texturing in 3ds max.
Work In Progress #06: Shading and Lighting in unity

Final video: Below is the final video.
Plugin used
Post processing 2.0 Unity 3d Recorder Character animation from Low Poly People Pack #1 (Cubits #1)
Rajesh Ghadigaonkar
3d Interactive Lead - Designer