A Day Half-Done
Published 2 years ago
In development
A Day Half-Done embodies the same general style as the Lifeline games, placing the player into an ongoing dialogue with Violet, a college-aged woman who has ADHD. Through interactions with Violet, the player works through various situations commonly encountered by people with ADHD as they offer her advice and guidance throughout a day in her life. Like in Lifeline, this dialogue is set up to resemble a text conversation and incorporates both short waits to indicate natural pauses in conversation, as well as longer breaks when Violet is busy and does not wish to talk. As the player speaks to Violet, they not only learn more about her, but are also increasingly exposed to representations of her ADHD and the impact it has on her life. I intend the final experience to be released for Android mobile devices and take the player approximately two days of playtime (including the required breaks) to complete, with limited replayability.
Eric Walsh
Game Designer and Scholar - Other
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