A Cold Night
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The Process
Hi guys, my names Matt. I'm a hobby dev based in New Zealand. For my submission I drew inspiration from a trip I had a couple of years ago to Europe. Something about the channels in Amsterdam, and walking through the Red Light district. The memories I had of the place made me feel like it would be a great setting for something as far as a cultural and racial mixing pot. I have been writing this and adding to it as I go, so it might seem a bit all over the place.
I felt like this would be a good time to give the 2018.1 Beta a go as well as ProBuilder.
Starting with creating some lit bollards, and a foot path. The texture used here is created from a photo of my back door steep.
Next I added a skybox, using an image I had captured from my back yard, then added some Post processing effects to start to set the tone.

The effects I am using in this image are Fog, Antialiasing, Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, and the Filmic Color Grading. I referred to a Brackeys tutorial for the setup -
Left I added a lite snow partical effect, put on a bridge, and created some lights. I used a volumetric lighting effect on the lamps to give it a bit more impact. I will update the water later on to make it a bit more life like, making use of the visual shader graph. The volumetric effect I used is

I thought it might be a good idea to start crafting some inhabitants for this small world. Make sure all the scales are working and so on. Using a combination of Adobe Fuse and Mixamo to do this allowed for the models to be created, posed, and animated really quickly. As one of the things I cant do is 3d modeling.
3 models for this race have been created, 2 males and a female. As well as 2 other females from different races.

Textures is currently one of the things Im struggling with. I need to work out a defused lighting setup for my DSLR camera. I am liking what I am getting so far, but the quality is just not quite where I want it to be. Im struggling with getting the lighting even, to make the textures repeatable at a high resolution.

Bug effects where created with the particle system and using a wind zone.
I referenced this video to create the effect -

Buildings need glass, so that was added with a standard cube, with a 5% Opacity and a transparent texture. I gave it a slight blue tint, and added a reflection prob. At the moment its at a low res, to aid with building the level.

New building place holders were added as well as roads extended to start laying out the scene.
I started to have a look at using the shader graph, but after implementing it in the project realized I would have to recreate a lot of the lighting and materials. It also broke all the Post Processing setting I had put in. Since its not a requirement, if I have time I'll look into this later, and create a new project to experiment in before trying to implement it again.

Playing around with the over all scene lighting I decided to turn down the intensity for the sky box lighting. I felt it made it a little washed out being grey. I then used 2 directional lights using the colour temp settings. 1 at the lowest temp, and the other at the highest, at 1/8th the intensity, facing the other way.

So I figured since I am going out of the country for a week or 2 I better upload a work in progress vid. It is still very much a work in progress.

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Great work. Looking forward to seeing the progress :)
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Great work mate!