A Cold Night
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The Process
Hi guys, my names Matt. I'm a hobby dev based in New Zealand. For my submission I drew inspiration from a trip I had a couple of years ago to Europe. Something about the channels in Amsterdam, and walking through the Red Light district. The memories I had of the place made me feel like it would be a great setting for something as far as a cultural and racial mixing pot. I have been writing this and adding to it as I go, so it might seem a bit all over the place. All the new stuff will be at the bottom of the post.
I felt like this would be a good time to give the 2018.1 Beta a go as well as ProBuilder.
Starting with creating some lit bollards, and a foot path. The texture used here is created from a photo of my back door steep.
Next I added a skybox, using an image I had captured from my back yard, then added some Post processing effects to start to set the tone.

The effects I am using in this image are Fog, Antialiasing, Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, and the Filmic Color Grading. I referred to a Brackeys tutorial for the setup -
Left I added a lite snow partical effect, put on a bridge, and created some lights. I used a volumetric lighting effect on the lamps to give it a bit more impact. I will update the water later on to make it a bit more life like, making use of the visual shader graph. The volumetric effect I used is

I thought it might be a good idea to start crafting some inhabitants for this small world. Make sure all the scales are working and so on. Using a combination of Adobe Fuse and Mixamo to do this allowed for the models to be created, posed, and animated really quickly. As one of the things I cant do is 3d modeling.
3 models for this race have been created, 2 males and a female. As well as 2 other females from different races.

Textures is currently one of the things Im struggling with. I need to work out a defused lighting setup for my DSLR camera. I am liking what I am getting so far, but the quality is just not quite where I want it to be. Im struggling with getting the lighting even, to make the textures repeatable at a high resolution.

Bug effects where created with the particle system and using a wind zone.
I referenced this video to create the effect -

Buildings need glass, so that was added with a standard cube, with a 5% Opacity and a transparent texture. I gave it a slight blue tint, and added a reflection prob. At the moment its at a low res, to aid with building the level.

New building place holders were added as well as roads extended to start laying out the scene.
I started to have a look at using the shader graph, but after implementing it in the project realized I would have to recreate a lot of the lighting and materials. It also broke all the Post Processing setting I had put in. Since its not a requirement, if I have time I'll look into this later, and create a new project to experiment in before trying to implement it again.

Playing around with the over all scene lighting I decided to turn down the intensity for the sky box lighting. I felt it made it a little washed out being grey. I then used 2 directional lights using the colour temp settings. 1 at the lowest temp, and the other at the highest, at 1/8th the intensity, facing the other way.

So I figured since I am going out of the country for a week or 2 I better upload a work in progress vid. It is still very much a work in progress.
So 28th of April, 2 weeks of holiday in Fiji down, Infinity War watched, 12 days left, best get back into this. Next on the list of things to is to sort the Cinemachine stuff. The scene is starting to come together, but without seeing what the camera is going to see its a bit hard to position the buildings in a good spot.
Starting with laying out the path for the camera to follow, then using timeline to control the speed. For the camera tracking I am going to use a technique I like to call "Follow the Birdie." The basics of it are using an cube object as the tracking target for the camera, and move it around the scene using Timeline. The mesh object is then removed once the camera is setup and tuned.
Cinemachine also has a noise function which can be used to give the illusion of a handheld camera. Ive used the Handheld_wide_mild for mine, with the frequency gain halved off the default.
At this stage the video is looking to be about 30sec long. Now that I have a drafted camera path and look I can work on final building placement.
Now since the camera path is sorted, it was much easier to lay out buildings and tweak others that had been setup. To save some time I copied one of the buildings with a visible interior, but hopefully wont be too obvious its been done.
I've also started tweaking lighting in places to make some of the actors more obviously not human and played around with the field of view to capture more. The world is still very textureless and feeling a bit devoid of life. So those will be the priorities for the next week. With hopefully enough time left over to give the camera path and birdie a bit more polish.
Fortunatly for textures there is a great source of CC0 Textures on Reddit - So far the ones I have used were created by Struffel -
Since the addition of all the textures its starting to struggle to run in the editor above 60 frames. Buildings also received windows and door lights, which the colours are randomised when the when play is hit.
Now also feels like a good point to show another work in progress video.
On a side note. Does anyone know how to make videos uploaded to youtube not look like crap?
Following on from the that, Ive added business names to a few of the buildings to try and make it look more like a down town area then a sleepy town with a couple of lit up shops.
Adding more and more actors is proving a bit challenging. Ive been having lots of issues getting fuse to launch at all on my Windows PC. It does work fine on my Macbook. This does slow the work flow down a bit, and removes a few of the availible features from the PC version, such as editing the meshes.
With the final "main characters" having been added. Some more background details have been added, as well as lighting some of the other characters better. Unfortunately due to the camera angle that some are seen in, some of the details are lost. Such as the facial expression of the character below.
Im at a weird point were Im not sure if I want to keep adding more characters, or if I want to leave it as it is, more like a end of night sort of deal. Or if I want to pack it a bit more heavily. I currently have 21 characters implemented, some only being just visible for a few frames, and 4 ships.
Instead of solving this problem now, Im thinking I should turn my attention to what music I am going to have playing in the background. I am using to find a suitable track, however Im not sure if I can use NonCommercial licenced music with this project. To be on the safe side I am looking for tracks that can be used with commercial projects.
At this point in time Im feeling the track Snowman by Kai Engel might fit quite nicely with what Im going for, a little somber, and a little eerie.
After sleeping on it for the night I decided to submit it as is. I didnt want the screen to be too busy, and to just add stuff for the sake of adding it. The final video is uploaded to youtube in 4k at 60fps.
This project was created using the following tools and assets: Probuilder Fuse Mixamo MagicaVoxel Mr Normal Volumetric Lighting -
Sketchup Textures - - Water with fishes texture seamless 18347
Struffel Textures - - WoodFloor04 - Bricks05 - Fabric04 - Facade01 - Bricks07 - Ashpalt08 - Fabric07 - Fabric05
Music - Snowmen by Kai Engel
Matt Baeriswyl
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a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
BrettWow you've created a huge world! Keep the updates coming! Can't wait to see the final thing!
All the best mate!
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
BrettWow you've created a huge world! Keep the updates coming! Can't wait to see the final thing!
Oh nice! Too good! Just assumed everyone was just as time poor as me and would be working like crazy up until the final hour!
Matt Baeriswyl
a year ago
Sole Dev
BrettWow you've created a huge world! Keep the updates coming! Can't wait to see the final thing!
Thanks Brett, the top video is my final submission.
a year ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Wow you've created a huge world! Keep the updates coming! Can't wait to see the final thing!
nazlee roslee
a year ago
i love dis!!!