A City Exhibition on VR in Education
This is my fifth project (Night at a Museum) from the Udacity VR Nanodegree program.
Project Overview: You will be doing research on a VR company/technology, or an industry that could be impacted by VR. After conducting your research, you will be creating a mobile virtual reality experience with ‘information booths’ which include both visual and audio feedback for users. These booths should showcase your findings – the goal here is to inform other people about the topic at hand in a fun and creative way through a series of (at least five) display points. Users should be able to travel back and forth between display areas inside the space. This is not a VR slideshow, it is a VR space which contains the information about your research. Some potential outputs of this project are creating a scene in a museum, science fair, or gallery-like space which showcases your findings.

Github Link:

I have created the experience based on above specs.

Skills Used: Unity 3D, C# Scripting, Google VR (Cardboard)
Sanket Dongre
Indie VR/AR Unity3D Developer - Designer