A Bird's Body
Published 9 days ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Windows; WebGL
I'm in Need of a Body.
A Body to Call my Own.
If You Find my Body:
Will You Please Let me Know?
A Body. A Body. A Body to Call Home.
A Body. A Body. A Body to be Whole.

Do You Feel at Home in Your Own Body?
Lead Game Designer, Project Manager: Tomaz Corral Moreira Lead Animator, UI Designer, Game Designer: Guilherme Benvegnù Animator, 2D Artist: Aline Machado 2D Artists: Luiza Müller Samuel Tolentino Isatto Developers: Augusto José Chies Edilson Benites Fernando "Loko" Gulart Helyx Silveira Marcelo Pereira Buss Original Score by: Airton Junior
Tomaz Corral Moreira
Game Designer and Programmer. - Student
Game Languages
English; Spanish; Portuguese; French
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows; WebGL