9 Months of Hell Overview
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"The power of Christ Compels you"
9 months of hell follows two young christian fundamentalists, (Chuck and Malory) on their journey to child birth after a night of premarital relations. (Sex before Marriage) For their sins the lord commands their first child to the devil. It's up to you to defend your home against those who threaten to harm your family. Even if it is gods will.

Craft, Hunt, Fish, Forge, Scour, Cook, Build, explore fight!

Our Main character Chuck is from a small rural place in north Carolina just inside the Bible Belt. He loves hunting, fishing and reading his bible with his girlfriend Malory. God commands Chuck to hand over his unborn baby's soul to the devil in exchange for his forgiveness of their sins.

Procedural generated game world

Every created game is unique to that player. The map, item locations, mommy missions, and rare items are all randomly generated at the creation of your game making the experience different every time a new player sets foot in our world.

Four Seasons

9 months of hell features an in game time cycle that spans the course of a 9 month period. During this period you will experience all types of weather and seasonal changes that match the month you are in. During the day you will scrounge for food items and craft them into dishes to fulfill Malory's cravings... chop wood, spin wool and forge nails to craft fortifications around your house to prepare for nightfall and defend your family against Satan's relentless hordes.
Chuck wields his magic crux. Evil Creatures are affected only by this relic.
Chuck ready's his fishing pole. Mommy wants brubble fish tonight and it's up to you to catch one.
Chuck's trusty ax. Chop down trees for raw materials for crafting. Build bridges, traps, and fortify your house.
Chuck has a flashlight. Yes it is used to light poorly lit areas... but can also reveal secrets around the environment.

"Mommy Missions"

Time and inventory management are key to your success in 9 months of hell. Pregnant women are a fickle hormonal group. They have cravings and aversions and can't make up their mind. This is what you are dealing with. You will have to find time to complete mommy's requests all while keeping up on the health and fortification of the house. This can get tricky if you have wandered too far into the woods to find sage for dinner, and have to be back at home before nightfall. If you fail a mission Malory gives you, it directly impacts her mood which can be monitored by pulling up the hidden UI and checking the "Mood Meter".

Mommy's Mood Meter

Not Completing Malory's requests in a time causes her mood meter to drop. If this meter falls into the red she will miscarry and your game is over.

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9 Months of Hell is currently being developed by Matt Lewis of Digital Yogurt LLC. Pending Contributor : Bruno Schifer.
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