8 ecommerce promotion ideas that you cannot afford to miss in the year 2019
Published 7 months ago
Do you know that more than 67% of Generation X prefers to shop online as compared to buy from a physical shop?
Do you know that more than 67% of Generation X prefers to shop online as compared to buy from a physical shop?
This is not just a small number. This is something to be concerned. If you have an ecommerce store and it is not generating enough sales, it is time for you to think of ways in which you can promote your store faster and gain the trust of new customers without upsetting old customers.
So, how can you make sure that you are doing your best to get the sales and not leaving anything for your competitors?
Everyone ecommerce store has its own set of promotion ideas which drive the sales to get to grab the attention of customers. Some use content marketing to entice users; others use search engine optimization to gain an upper-hand in the search results.
Here are eight ecommerce promotion tactics which will make you part of that alpha team and generate good leads along the way:
1) Flash Sales
The human brain operates funnily. Regardless of thinking things over if anything is connected with time – the brain treats it urgent. Flash Sales in an ecommerce store serves this purpose pretty well. Even if nothing is compelling about sales, the mind will treat as something essential and start working on it.
With every product that you want to sell, or it can be a category of products. Just start a timer right at the top and tell the customers that sales are going on and if you don’t purchase the product in the next two days, you’ll miss the deals.
Customers will not only purchase the product; they will call their friends and let them buy the products too.
2) Offer FREE Samples
Just like a content marketing company offers some free templates to its clients and a professional website design agency offers free consultancy to gain the trust of customers, you must provide something for free to get the attention of new customers.
If your target market is new, you can offer free samples of your product or your service. However, if you are dealing with old customers, you can lower down prices to help the customers take impulsive buying decisions. There is no way a customer will ignore the low-price products if they already have trust in you, or no one says no to a free sample. How can free thing harm in any way?
3) Just bundle your top-selling products
One of the most successful ecommerce promotion tactics that worked well for many renowned brands. Since human brains are wired to get what everything else is using, social proof helps in to generate sales. You can take 2-3 top-selling products and tell the customers that they are selling like hot-cakes.
I am sure these customers won’t second-guess your stats and start buying those products because someone else tried it already.
It is time for you to improve your sales because customers won’t even question those products which are already popular among other people. However, yes, you cannot fake this. Ensure that the bundled products are best-sellers of your store.
4) Grab customers from the Abandoned Cart
There is no way you can leave customers right when they are about to make the purchase. Set some notifications when the customer go your website in the midway while purchasing a product.
Whenever a customer does that, offer them some discount to complete the order, or submit them limited time discount to complete the order right at that moment. This option is useful for new customers. However, for old customers, you can provide them some related item at a discounted price. This will motivate them to complete the order.
5) Engaging Customers on Live Chat
Everyone in today’s era is inpatient. Either the customer wants the product right now or not at all. Firstly, you must make sure that everything in your ecommerce store is self-explanatory. If the customer has to second-guess what to do next, there is some issue with the website. Moreover, this is when live chat can aid them to complete the order.
Either use real people to engage customers 24/7 if they are facing issue placing the order or finding the product, or you can use the power of AI to understand the customers and make them purchase right-away.
6) Personal Recommendations works best
Do you know that a customer will buy a product if you tell them that you are using the product yourself? Alternatively, if you talk to the customer, understand their problem and recommend a product. Yes. This is true. At times, customers don’t know what they are looking for, and at that time, if you tell them that this product will be best for them, they will go for the product without asking any questions. This can be done by first becoming a friend of the customer. No one listens to a stranger, but everyone listens to a friend, right?
7) An Influencer can help
People listen to someone of authority. Maybe customers will not go for your recommendation, but they will surely look to their favorite celebrity. This is where influencers can help. Take influencers from Instagram, or you can take influencers from your important niche and ask them to shout out for you. They will charge some money for it, but this will help you gain the trust of customers and help them clear out their minds when they think of buying anything from you.
8) Local Marketing can help
You don’t necessarily need to waste tons of money on marketing on a global scale. You can use local marketing to gain the attention of the customers which are close to you. You can use billboards, flyers, or even tv commercials to attract local customers. They might try you out because you are a local brand and no harm will be done to them if you’re near them. If something goes wrong, they can always report without going anywhere far.
Over to you
There are tons of ways in which you can attract customers without wasting much money. These eight tactics helped me to generate some solid leads in the past, and they are still valid and doing wonders for my brand. You can try them out. Moreover, if you have some ideas which helped you, feel free to share in the comments section below.
Mohammad Ali