6 Myths of iPhone App Development that You Should Debunk
Published 2 years ago
Are you planning to build an iPhone app?

That's a really cool idea. Mobile applications are now an integral part of any business as people are so much dependant on their smartphone to perform every single task. iOS is the second largest mobile app development platform that allows companies to develop robust iPhone apps to address their business challenges and drive massive opportunities by reaching out to the larger user base.
Along with the popularity, an iPhone app development has a number of myths as well. Sometimes These myths misguide the businesses to make the right decision. Here are a few myths that companies should debunk before approaching an experienced iPhone app development company in USA.

#1. To Build a Great App the Complex Costing is Required

Apple offers a bunch of advanced tools and technologies that developers can use to build an iPhone app. Usually, developers create complex code and spend too much time in creating a new architecture. It will create a more complex and over-engineered app that is not user-friendly.
Experienced iPhone app developers build iOS apps using the frameworks offered by Apple rather than developing everything from scratch. It helps them in creating a robust mobile app within a short time span. Embracing simple coding that matches Apple’s guidelines, developers can build an app that enables users with an amazing experience.

#2. It is A Complicated Platform and Takes a Lot of Time for Programming

iOS is not at all a complex platform. Apple offers a lot of tool, technologies, and frameworks to simplify the life of iPhone app developers. And, they are continually improving and expanding their tech stack to help developers build highly efficient iPhone apps quickly. Though the platform is closed, Apple describes all possible scenarios that developers may run into.
When it comes to app development time, iOS apps can be released earlier than Android applications. The reason is, iOS has a limited range of devices to test and launch the app. While Android has a wide variety of devices so developers need to test app for all different devices in order to make sure it runs seamlessly on varied devices having a variety of resolutions.

#3. Always Work within Apple’s Guideline

In the first point, we have already talked about using Apple’s ready to use frameworks developers can build a robust solution faster. But that doesn’t mean one should compromise on his/her creativity and engineering to address the custom requirements of the project.
Ready to use frameworks are a great way to start the project but to solve the unique issue, iPhone developers have to create specific coding, feature, and functionality by using their specialized knowledge.

#4. The Only Way to Make Money Out of iPhone Apps is to make Them

There are many other ways to earn from your iPhone Apps. Allow users to use your app for free. It helps you in creating a large customer base. If you are an apparel brand, then you can allow users to know which dress suits on him/her by developing an app. Provide users exclusive offers once they engage with the app.
Apart from this, integrating in-app purchase and paid advertisement features in the iPhone app you can make money. Hiring skilled iOS developers from reliable iPhone app development company, you can monetize the application and maximize return on investment.

#5. Use of Swift is Compulsory to Build A Successful App

Swift is an open source programming language developed by Apple to build iOS apps for different iOS devices. Developers can use it for iPhone app development. But that doesn't mean Swift is the only language to create an amazing app with incredible user experience.
Developers can use different programming languages in order to develop high-quality iPhone apps. In fact, it’s not at all compulsory to use Swift for iPhone app development. It depends on the project, which technology stack allows to develop a powerful iPhone app with the best quality and within the budgetary constraints & time limit.

#6. Clean Code Writing is Required for Certain Architecture

It is a very common myth about iOS development that developers can create a certain type of app using the specific architecture. If they use and create another architecture, it will result in poor user experience and messy code. Well, the fact is developers can write clean code for the iPhone applications using any architecture. They just need to take care of its limitations.
Before selecting an architecture for an iPhone app, perform detailed research to learn about the limitation and advantages of the varied architecture that you are planning to consider. It ensures developers to write clean code throughout the app. If you are not aware of the drawbacks of using a certain architecture, you will end up by performing patch up and fixes in the past work and creating a less than ideal user experience.

Closing Lines

Hope this post provides better insights if you are considering iPhone app development for your next project. With iPhone app development, companies can streamline their business processes and drive customer engagement.
Work with a renowned iPhone app development company in USA that has a team of experienced iPhone app developers who understand your custom requirements and deliver the industry best solution within your time and budgetary constraints. They can build feature-rich and quality mobile solutions using the latest iOS tools and technologies.
Manish Shewramani
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