Published 7 months ago
Available on
Android; iOS
Augmented Reality Game Carpet
In close cooperation with our client RaatzconnectMedia, we developed an Augmented Reality App and deployed it in the relevant App Stores (Apple/Android).
Tapisti brings game carpets to life. The classic way of playing with game figures, vehicles etc. is now enhanced by Augmented Reality with digital experiences. Trees grow from the flat carpet, farms and stables or even a construction site are created. Here there are no limits to the imagination. Figures are brought to life that populate the real playroom. The dream - to have your own horse in your own room - comes true. In order to experience Tapisti, the players need the printed carpet, a smartphone or tablet with the loaded Tapisti app.
Date: January 2018
Client: RaatzconnectMedia
PatientZero Games
Game Languages
German; English
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS