Published 9 months ago
In development
3D Action Adventure Dark Medieval Fantasy RPG
Teleria is a world divided. It is literally split into several realms by arcane rivers, conjured long ago by the Druids to hold off the dreaded Necromancer’s armies. The Elves had their own realm, the Druids theirs, and the Humans were left to fend for their piece against the Orcs and Demons, though they had respite behind the mountain range known as the Shattered Krones.

A thousand years later, the vengeful Necromancer Xavier has been unleashed from his arcane prison and threatens destruction upon all the realms of Teleria. A young blacksmith with a mysterious past discovers he has a hereditary ability to nullify the necromancer’s magic. The question is, will he end up sacrificing himself to save the realm?
Teleria Studios
Realistic Fantasy Games - Owner