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This grid-based puzzle game for Android about transforming regression into progress was developed and released by four students within a one semester time-frame.
About the game:
Reblob is an abstract puzzle game for Android about a wobbly blue cyclops, trying to escape from the lab where he was born.
To escape from the lab the cyclops has to reach the goal tile in each of the 65 levels. But the goal may be blocked by obstacles like walls, portals, switches, ravenous cyclopes and dangerous red tiles. To get there anyway the player is able to locate a splash of goo on tiles near the cyclops. If the cyclops then dies on a red tile, he turns into a bridge, and a new cyclops will arise from the splash of goo. Unfortunately the goo sources are limited. So the player has to carefully locate the goo and the bridges.
A free demo is available on Google PlayStore.
About the development
Reblob was developed within six months by four students as a voluntary project besides graduating in Game Studies and Game Development.
The project started at a game jam, where we decided to use Unity (which we were familiar with, because we use it a lot for prototyping in our university courses) and the then relatively new tilemap system (which definitely wasn't the best choice for grid-based puzzles, but is still used in the shipped game XD). All in all Unity was a good choice, because it provides many easy to implement tools. For Example when we reworked the art style after the jam, we decided that the cyclopses should move wobbly and slightly randomized, so we simply used the new 2D skeletal animation system to animate them. That was a huge improvement compared to our prior sprite animations. Another Unity tool, that helped us a lot, was Analytics. We used it during our playtest sessions to analyse the level design and player behaviour.
While all team members had experience in developing 2D games with Unity, none of us had experience in releasing a mobile game. If you are in a similar position or interested in what we learned about finishing and releasing a project as a student team, check out this post mortem on reddit.
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