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Utopia in Dystopia

High Concept

The world as we know it, is no more. Civilization is reduced to pockets of safe havens scattered across the globe. (A game world based on the concept of the card game: After Earth)


The year is 2836 AD. Prolonged periods of drought and flood over the last century, caused by acute global warming, have resulted in a wipe-out of the civilization as we knew it. The “Dark times” resulted in pandemics and extinction of many species. Humans have depleted the existing deposits of natural resources. Majority of land is now uninhabitable and the population is reduced to a hundredth. Life on land has almost become impossible, except in certain remote patches scattered all around. These natural ‘Havens’ as they are known are much sought after. The entire living population is concentrated in these patches, barely managing with the limited resources.
Surviving leaders have unified together and formed the United Nations Second Confederation (UNSC). The UNSC built a floating city: Thesia. Submerged under water, the purpose of the ship is to escape from the limits of the patches on land and harness the marine resources. Simultaneously they plan looking for undiscovered Havens, salvaging resources, until land masses become habitable again. Their aim is to make Earth habitable again by strictly controlling the resources utilized with sustainable use as the first requirement. They propose, it is Humanity’s turn to take the backstage and to not interfere with any natural processes. It is the last stand against extinction.


  1. Anuj Dhande
  2. Arko Chakraborty
  3. Indraneel Kaledeshmukh
  4. Jayant Kumar (Me)


Unity Setup

The final model consists of three city levels around the arc reactor which is the ship's core.
Jayant Kumar
Game Designer - Student