Updated 9 months ago
It's Cleanin' Time
Shrink down the the size of the dirt on your kitchen counter and fight to keep it clean!
Learn about cleaning the fun way. Think carefully about what to use when you clean!
OCDoom is a game about cleaning inspired by the first person shooter Doom. In this game, the player must use various cleaning utensils against different types of dirt, dust and grime to clean their home at a microscopic level.
Though OCDoom draws inspiration from first person shooters, it would be primarily targeted at young people and their parents to teach and learn about cleaning. What tools should be used on what type of dirt? What dirt can be found where? And most importantly, what can we do to clean it!
The game currently features one level, three unique enemies and three associated weapons. Plans for expansion would include more enemies and weapons, a full house worth of levels to clean to your hearts content, a fun atmosphere and more.
You can play the current prototype of OCDoom and keep up with progress on it's page,
OCDoom features custom art, and utilities sound effects from 'The Ultimate 2017 16 bit Mini pack' by phoenix1291 (SwissArcadeGameEntertainment) on, which you can find here:
Michael Ward