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Let me introduce Arillea!


She's a treasure hunter of sorts, with a reputation of causing chaos around her.
We meet her on her most pivotal adventure. She recently decided to enter a cave that was marked on no map, and inside she discovered a black and purple gem. While examining, she accidentally tripped (she tends to be clumsy), and the gem flew out of her hand and into the wall, shattering it.
Upon shattering she released a massive spiral of dark creatures that promised to destroy her world. She quickly realized should would not be able to fight this one, and decided it best to make it back to her village, and to the elders as soon as possible.


  • Endless Running
  • Run, Wall-climb, Slide, Jump, Double Jump, and Teleport your way to safety
  • Simple combat to drive back the darkness
  • Hand-painted, infinitely looping parallax background
  • Multiple post-effects to tie in the visual elements

Demo: (Tutorial included on main menu)


Arillea is an endless action runner where you must jump and slide through obstacles, which takes place as she is fleeing back to her village after unleashing an insurmountable foe.
To aid you, she has the ability to teleport to specific points on the different obstacles (at the cost of stamina).
Fall too far behind, and the game is over!


My approach to developing Arillea was to make it have a nice flow with movement, especially since the ground is a bit bumpy, and you are moving through them quite quickly. To do this, I opted into manually tracking collisions via raycasts, as opposed to using the a rigidbody component.

It was necessary to track this, so I created a simple debug UI that let me see where and when my collisions were happening.
With these collisions, I could then let Arillea interact properly to her environment. - With more time, I believe I could smooth this out entirely, but it works quite well in this demo state.

Level Design:
To create the infinite runner, I needed a constant spawning of world pieces.
To accomplish this, the fastest, cleanest method was a simply check collisions within an array of vertically aligned rigidbody objects. Each one handles it's own collision, and this can be ready by all of the spawners in the game.


I've recently been playing with digital painting, and so I really wanted to take this new found hobby and apply it to the game.
Using a basic skeletal structure and pasting the different pieces properly, I was able to quickly, and smoothly bring her to life.
I didn't want to stop there, and really wanted to add some weight to the game. I decided that creating smaller pieces and using the Dynamic Bones plugin, I would be able to create plenty of movement around Arillea without needing to animate each piece.

The background is a set of individual images, sliced into specific layers, and with the help of Amplify Shader Editor, I created a simple parallax shader that uses the objects z position to change how quickly it pans, meaning it only took 2 materials for the entire setup.

Unity 2D Tool: Sprite Shape!

This is a really fun new asset to the unity tools, and is honestly my new favorite 2D tool! Using it seemed the best way to bring Arillea to life, and have a flow that fit the hand-painted artstyle.
I was then in need of some colliders, so thanks to Pro Builder, I was able to quickly sculpt a 3D Collider using a simple box shape, divide a few times, and then pulled into shape via the vertex tool.


The music for Arillea was provided by Isaiah Grande, a composer friend of mine.
You can find his other work on his band camp, here:
Chasing Sand Castles
There are 2 tracks that play simultaneously during the game: a drum melody, and an ominous drone.
To help build the tension of the darkness getting closer to Arillea, I took these two audio clips, and faded them against each other (as one fades in, the other fades out relative to it's counters volume) base on how close the darkness was to center point, or 0.

Concept Art:

Before even diving in to hands on development, I started with this sketch, which quickly laid the groundwork for development.

These orbs are balls of swirling energy. the purples are dark orbs, used to knock back the dark creatures, yellow to increase stamina up to 3, and blue are bonus orbs that can charge your stamina up to 5, but they come with less charge, requiring more.

Arillea's staff that she found on another one of her adventures. It gives her many abilities, most notably the ability to teleport short distances.
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Stephen Greys
Stephen Greys
10 months ago
BryanAnthonyNaronHey man, your demo is locked. I think you have to make it public.
Thank you for bringing that to my attention! It's public now.
10 months ago
Hey man, your demo is locked. I think you have to make it public.