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Welcome to the land of the suffering. You are Sargon, a person with the misfortune of being born in the wrong place and time. All that surrounds you is despair and painful smiles, a city that lost hope. In the faint distance, you see a beautiful utopia that glimmers with beauty and prosperity. Your daily ritual is coming. It’s time to visit the machine. Echoes of pain are coming from that direction. Is this your destiny?

The Game

SOULTAG is a 2D animated beat-em up adventure with a hand drawn art style.
Movement within the game is normally in an isometric perspective, thus you can move in all directions, explore new realms, engage with enemies and find treasure.
Arena Fighting:
The mechanics consist of what we have coined the “Arena” fighting system. This is a system that locks the player’s movement to be only in one 1 axis, like a traditional fighter. Once you engage in an enemy or he engages on you, you must fight or break the alchemic barrier that encloses you. Be careful however as the despaired ones will join the crowd and then the fight. Just think of that one school fight you had in your life and now picture all those people in that crowd itching to jump in and beat on you jump as much as the person you're fighting with.
Tag System:
The tag system is the way to defeat an enemy. Each enemy will show a sequence of tags (Colored diamond above the enemy) that are mapped to certain attacks. To kill an enemy, one must complete that sequence shown above the enemy.
With the three enemy types comes three different ways of fighting of presenting the tag.
For dishonorables, they will consist of what we call "white" tags. These allow for any input to do damage.
For Neutrals, they will require a specific sequence of colored tags that could be memorized for best results.
For Honorables, they will show a set of 3 colors of the sequence for each Tag it loses.

The Enemy Types:
The Dishonored: These are the ones that will do whatever it takes to bring you down. They will fight in the arena regardless of the scenario.
The Neutral: These ones will weigh in their options and decide when it is time to join the arena and if they even will.
The Honored: The respectful ones. These will never join a populated arena. They will wait until they can get an even battle because they know they will come out on top.

Concept Art

General Concepts:
World Concepts:
Enemy Concepts:
Please note: This is still early in development! Many ideas are still unannounced and are going to be introduced when they are more fully developed.

The amazing part of Cinemachine:

We are using the 2D Cinemachine Tool to control our camera movement for the whole game, following the player as they explore and adventure through the realms. We are using the damping parameters and setting a proper Dead Zone to make it smooth and pleasant. The tool is making our lives much easier, allowing us to get proper camera control and setting the screen boundaries with ease.
For the Dead Zone we have a coded a setting that allows us to expand the zone on Y Axis to allow the player to jump properly on fights without loosing sight of his opponents inside the arena.
We also added the Impulse Listener and Source to add the good feeling about punching the opponents towards freedom!
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