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Mac; Windows; Linux
A cyberpunk rogue-like - heavily focused on the soundtrack of the game. The music of the game will effect weapons and the environment to make a very pleasing experience.
Scape is a cyberpunk rogue-like. You play as Mr. Kennedy, an average office worker forced to go rogue after a dispute with his boss at CyberCorp. By beating worlds repeatedly, you'll unlock new worlds, be able to play as new characters, gain access to a plethora of new weapons, and witness the full tale of Mr. Kennedy.
The game is going to be heavily focused on the sound track. Bullets and weapons will behave differently depending on the current sounds of the track playing. Currently, filler sounds that I don't have licensing to are being used. Eventually a custom sound track will be implemented. A custom equalizing script and sound analyzer are being used to determine different wave levels of the audio being played. The volume that the computer is set at will actually effect the game play!
More information about beta testing and releases will be posted at later dates. This is a solo project and very much a WIP. I currently have a lot of friends interested in the game, and if it gets more traction, I will only be more motivated to add more features!
Special thanks to my friend Alex for helping me get started with this project! He designed a lot of the existing art/assets. Wouldn't have had the motivation without you!
Alec M. Pierce
Software Engineer - Programmer
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Mac; Windows; Linux