Published 10 months ago
FAÍSCA is a runner-style action game where the challenge is to distribute electric power to the entire distribution network of a city that is dark.
There was a blackout in the neighborhood and, after everything is resolved, the electricity will be turned back on. FAÍSCA will be responsible for bringing "light" to houses. It is a shard of energy that needs to surf the wires of the low voltage electrical grid and try to re-energize as many houses as possible. For this, he will have to collect the energy cells scattered through the wires, remove the obstacles that lie ahead and undo the "cats" that steal much of their accumulated energy.
Because it is a game for educational purposes, it works issues of the normative nº 414/2010 on several aspects.
FAÍSCA has 2 game modes:
1) FREE MODE that counts the highest amount of points that the player can accumulate in a match;
2) CHALLENGE MODE that is divided in 6 phases that approach 6 different points of the Regulation 414.
Game Developer at LABTIME - Programmer