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A cute platformer showcasing the world of DOGGO!

November 11th

Doggo now has a quite fleshed out living room section where you can see his owner hanging out on the sofa. With that a lot of lighting has been added. Did some very precise tweaking on the Cinemachine 2D component as well, which explains the better camera movement.
It's been a little while since last time so we're sorry for the LateUpdate(). However there hasn't been much to show recently so we thought we'd take our time instead of filling this page with a large amount of tiny updates per day.
First thing you might notice is the new and improved camera movement. This is all done through Cinemachine! No code even though I personally expected I'd have to write something for the camera to look ahead of doggo. Luckily I had time to actually look ahead myself and mess with different settings to find that there was literally a... lookahead option. Must've gone over my head before but hey now it works and with some tweaking I'd even go as far to say that it works beautifully!
With that we've also made sure the room looks a bit more lively. We added a couple of props (more to come) as well as DOGGO's owner lounging around. Aside from the very cool art made by my partner I also put a lot of time into experimenting with and in the end implementing lighting. What I ended up doing was simply making sprites that somewhat resembled the way objects such as the phone and TV would emit light. This way with some color variations and some small scripts we managed to make this particular part of the scene have it's own feel and vibe.

November 7th

Doggo now has some background music in his home, as well as smooth camera following.
Time for some Cinemachine 2D! I've been wanting to mess around with this component and I love the results so far. Sure it will still need a lot of tweaking as well as me figuring out how we are going to implement this in a smooth transition when moving to different parts of the game (going outside for instance needs to be way less zoomed in). It's definitely still a work in progress but I'm excited to see how much we can do with the easy to use Cinemachine2D.
With that you might also have noticed that there is a cute little background track going on. Composed and mixed by yours truly. I thought this game would also be a nice opportunity for me to work on my music skills, so I took it. I plan to keep things simple and cute for the largest part of this game but we'll see where things go from here.

November 5th

Doggo can now break vases! Hooray! If you've always wanted to vandalise your home through the eyes of a dog, now you can.
In all seriousness we've been trying to polish the physics and implement some of the art assets as you can see in the video. We've had to talk about what fits where and how but in the end I feel like we're developing a really nice, cosy style that isn't seen in too many games. More assets are still in the works and being tweaked, as well as gameplay mechanics.

November 4th

DOGGO now jumps according to his rotation on the Sprite Shape. Because of this he will get different velocity based on at what angle he's exactly standing on the ground. Also added a small script that makes him rotate back to his normal position over time when in the air. This doesn't only make the landing smoother, but has a really nice visual effect as well.
In this little video you'll see two new raycasts. One is green and the other is red. If you are curious about the cyan one, read the info from November 2nd. :) The green raycast simply returns a normal so we know at which angle the dog is currently standing. This has a small delay (as seen by the small spaces in between the raycasts) so the dog will not try and read the raycast right after he jumped for a second time. The red line simply shows the angle the dog jumped at.
Fun little note though, as of now DOGGO only has the first few frames of his jump going in that angle while the rest of the jump (when holding the jump button) simply move him more up. Still tweaking a lot about the physics and not sure if we want to keep this in or change it so that the held jump will also move DOGGO in that direction.

November 2nd

Finally really got to work with Sprite Shape and I'm even more impressed than I thought I'd be. It's ridiculously easy to change tiles and tilepaths to your liking. With that I've also implemented a simple script for the player to be able to move along the actual curve of the Sprite Shape component, as showcased below.
This was done with a simple raycasting script where the player will raycast down to the ground whenever grounded. From the RaycastHit2D we grab the normal and rotate our dog accordingly. This makes for an already pretty smooth effect especially when taking the dogs animation into account. Although it's not yet to my liking completely, things are slowly but surely coming along nicely. With that a lot of art has been added as well which will absolutely be implemented in a future update.

November 1st

Babysteps, but we're getting there! We've been working on both the Animation and 2D physics for the dog, as well as trying to implement them as neatly as possible.
As you can see we tried making the animation really sync with what the dog is doing. This way we're trying to make DOGGO feel silky smooth when playing through the game which is something that I personally always really enjoy. Now I have always loved the Animation and Animator Components in Unity and once again it was a GREAT help. Accessing different variables through script and making them flow nicely with the extensive amount of options in the Animator component is always a neat way of working.
Obviously this is still a work in progress and small details to this are likely to be different in the final product. There's also part in the video where DOGGO jumps high at the start, and then does a couple of shorthops. This is completely intentional! We thought giving the player the option to hold jump to jump higher. This way the player has more control over the dog while also having more options to choose from during different sections in the game.

October 31st

A Unity challenge! Sounds like a lot of fun. Let's see what we can make of DOGGOs world in a small amount of time, using the awesome new Unity 2D features!
So the brainstorming starts. Talking led to a tiny sprite animation that we both fell in love with:
This made us go in back and forths about this "dog game" and about the "doggo". Hence the title. Finally we decided on what we wanted. A platformer that's mostly about an exciting environment, cute animation, small puzzles and of course, clean and most importantly fun platforming sections!
Making babysteps towards something playable in terms of both animation and mechanics. We want the dog to feel really nice in terms of both animation and gameplay. Here's a cute bit of animation to showcase the style we've been going for:
We will try to update you on this project as much as possible so be sure to follow our social media and stay up to date on this page! :)

Tristan Ten Cate
Game Developer - Programmer
Tristan Ten Cate
11 days ago
Game Developer - Programmer
Alan ThomasLove seeing the direction you are going. I love dogs and have 2 golden retrievers. We need more dog themed games!
Thank you so much man! We definitely do. Dogs are really under-represented in the videogame industry haha
Alan Thomas
13 days ago
Game Developer, FishPotato Games - Owner
Love seeing the direction you are going. I love dogs and have 2 golden retrievers. We need more dog themed games!