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Small viking journey to valhalla!
Hey! Hello guys! I'm so sorry for all of you who support and like this project, but, unfortunatley, I have no time to finish this little porject before challege end. But I'll do it in future, when we done our main project Elinor :)
Day 5 (10.11.2018)
Hey, hello everyone! Long time did not write! Began to make the controller to walk the character in 360 degrees!
Day 4 (02.11.2018)
Hey ready to animate! Now our tiny viking can run and idle :)

Day 3 (31.10.2018)
Added some "Dark" style to this stuff :) In search better visual style.
Day 2 (30.10.2018)
Hey, very busy on main gamedev work :) But I found the time to prepare the project, install the necessary packages, buy assets for the environment and characters (don’t forget I’m a programmer, not an artist :P ), and can finally get down to my favorite work - writing code!
Day 1 (26.10.2018)
Well, let's start :) The first ideas, the first concepts :) (I'm programmer, not artist which means my concepts veeeery ugly hahah xD )
Sergey Klimenko
Application Developer, Programmer - Programmer
akki panwar
a month ago
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6 months ago
Shame you cant finish this in time, looks awesome nontheless!
John Paul Depew
7 months ago
This looks amazing! I love your take on side scrolling.
Sergey Klimenko
8 months ago
Application Developer, Programmer
Adam MiznerThis looks really cool! I'm excited to see more of it.
Thanks :) It will little bit later :)
Adam Mizner
8 months ago
Composer and Sound Designer
This looks really cool! I'm excited to see more of it.