Published a year ago
In development
Mac; Linux; Windows
Being an ordinary teenager, Jonne never cared what happens tomorrow. Little did he know that soon there will be no tomorrow any more. Among the myths and legends, hiding the truth about the afterlife, Jonne will now try to answer a tough question: can the dead feel the taste of life once again?
Here, inside these forests, inhabited by gods and spirits, where legends come to life, Jonne shall regain purpose in life, and two beautiful and mysterious girls will help him on his way.

- A world of myth and legends;
- Folk soundtrack, bright and colorfull sprites and backgrounds;
- A story of love and self-determination, inspired by folklore in a fantasy setting;
- A new take on the fundamental theme of life and death, action scenes, encounters with mythtical creatures and cute girls;
- Do you want to know what the Afterlife looks like?
Vsevolod Metelsky
Unity3D developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Russian
Supported Platforms
Mac; Linux; Windows