Film A 🎥
The opening scene from a CG short film I'm working on. I used 'Ethan' again as a stand in while I work on modeling and dressing the film's protagonist and a few supporting characters, which I intend to do using Adobe Fuse and Marvellous Designer (after I learn them...).
As before, I used Unity 2018.1 (running DX10) for cinematography, lighting, level design and prototyping. This time I also used it, instead of Mixamo, for a bit of animation. More importantly--to me at least--I used it for most of the post-processing, which made a huge difference in quality and aesthetics this time, compared to my 'Thriller Redux' video.
The clip here was actually recorded in 720p and was played in Unity's second-lowest settings ('Low'). The clip looks even better in Unity's highest settings, 'Ultra' (actually I used custom settings higher than Ultra). The way the light bounces and shadows form make most of the the difference in quality. I actually tweaked the Low settings so that hard shadows at least are rendered. Unfortunately, while my laptop can handle playing the clip in Ultra, unfortunately it can't really handle both playing the clip and running a screen recorder which greatly adds to my laptop's overhead. I guess this isn't surprising since I don't have a dedicated graphics card...I'll need to invest in one eventually.
I'm going to dive into Unity's more advanced topics before I proceed to complete the rest of this short film. Thanks to the Brackeys and Unity Youtube channels for some amazing tutorials.
Syed Nasir
Unity Developer - Student