Published 5 months ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Linux; Xbox One
Naxia melds much-loved arpg genre with deep and wide combat system of hack-and-slash gameplay beside state-of-the-art graphics, in a brand new fantasy world of Naxia. Inspired by the well- known game like Diablo 3.

About The Game

Take control of the main female protagonist, formerly a thief, or any of the three male protagonists, a former member of the imperial mages council, a sellsword barbarian or a sage necromancer. As you develop your fighting skills and acquire magic powers and abilities, the mission becomes clear: saving your homeland.
Naxia; an ever-shifting realm for the eternal battle between forces both angelic and demonic who aim to seize the planet's source of power. As you join commander Skye's new army, it is only up to you to save humanity. With each character there comes a unique adventure, as you experience their story and travel through randomly-generated dungeons that require you to incorporate different game mechanics in each run. An epic adventure begins as you wander this world to fight outsiders and survive total annihilation.

Key Features

  • Deep and wide combat system
  • Dynamic and fast-paced action
  • Four different playable classes with different and unique gameplay and story-line
  • Extensive character development
  • Quests with choice and consequence
  • Procedural dungeon and story contents
  • Unique skill tree and rage form for each class
  • Hundreds of quibble items for each class
  • Xbox and PS controller support for PC version


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Game Languages
English; Arabic; French; Russian; German
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; Xbox One