Updated a year ago
Let's make something!
So after some much needed motivation I am pushing hard to not only learn but develop a game. I am doing the Plualsight classes and working with this fun little asset. It is perfect with the level of difficulty. This is more of a learning project for me. I have spent the past few months working with Pro builder and the group of them. I made a half a attempt a couple tears ago to learn Unity but work and life came up. I am now in a good position to really do it and actually figure it out.
Coming back into it everything is really clicking with understanding or can see a trickle of light at the end of the road. Funny how thing work out but I never thought I would say I want to be a level designer but I have had a blast just making levels and breaking stuff so I have to figure it out. I have some really good ideas for a game but I am not ready for that just yet. I have always had a passion for RTS games thanks to Westwood Studios. (rip) I want to combine that into a fast paced strategy game. That is a long way away or just a dream.
I really didn't know what to put here because I am still in learning phase, I guess the learning never ends due to changes. I really want to join some serious game developers and make something special and fun. I have also had some ideas on a Adventure/Choices game. I look forward to working with you.
Jason Buffington
Title - Student