Leap A Head
Published 9 months ago
Available on
Android; iOS
Leap into a mysterious ancient temple as a treasure loving snake! Challenge your puzzle solving talents and test your dexterity with this new puzzle-platformer. Do you have what it takes to dodge the dangers hidden within the temple? And more importantly, how much treasure can you carry?

Challenge yourself with clever pathfinding puzzles. Navigating the temple is dangerous! What route will you take?
I was a producer and developer on “Leap A Head”, a mobile puzzle game with a timing mechanic that makes a snake move from one platform to another to reach it’s goal. The game’s theme is Mayan and takes place in an ancient temple .
I supported my team during all aspects of the project that will be released in September.
Tools: Unity 3d C# – for IOS and Android
Duration: 3 months project
Game Design
Planning the tasks for 2 artists and 4 developers and Audio artist
Prototyping many game mechanics
Testing +Networking
Choosing 1 mechanic and creating a solid fun core loop
Testing +Networking
Adding 1 feature , UI , Menu , World map , Audio …
Testing +Networking .
Implement Social media and ads .
Testing +Networking .
Polish , Juice , fix bugs
Publish on IOS , Android

abdelaziz Ben Yahia
Software Engineer - Producer
Game Languages
English, British
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS