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Arcade pool-style game where you play as the cue ball, Paul.

Game Overview

  • Contains 3 classic tables, 8-ball (UK & US), 9-ball and 2 special tables.
  • Go for high scores, set a new best time or achieve certain criteria on each level to obtain in-game medals and trophies.
The goal is to clear each table's designated balls before potting the black (or 9-ball):
  • 8-ball UK, Rival Reds, Ice Table: Yellows
  • 8-ball US: Solids (not stripes)
  • 9-ball: Pot balls in ascending numbered order.
ball positions in the break are randomised for fresh play experiences, but the front ball will always be one of the target balls to hit.

Scoring System

  • Pot the correct balls (as indicated in the bottom corner) to rack up points.
  • Pot balls within 10 seconds of each other and without fouling to maintain the combo multiplier.
  • Hitting/potting or off-tabling an incorrect ball incurs a corresponding foul penalty. Fouling on the final (black/9-ball) is a larger penalty.
  • Hitting any ball adds to the shot tally.
  • The final score formula is: Base Score - Shots - (Time/10) + Bonuses.
  • The standard time variable was proving too influential; Time/10 still rewards fast players in a more balanced way.


  • Move with the virtual joystick. Double tap joystick to jump.
  • Drag/Swipe elsewhere on the screen to rotate with free camera movement. Double tap on main screen area to flip camera 180° behind player.
  • Lay device flat and tilt to control player on the title screen (menu must be hidden via the top right button).
Tom Puchalla
Game Design / BSc Product Design & Technology - Designer
Game Languages
English; English, British
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