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A living painting.
Last updated : June 9th, 2018. Version 0.0.8 alpha is up! Available on both Windows and Mac!


Explore and restore life to to a Japanese folklore-inspired land, encounter mythical creatures such as Kirins, and leave your own artistic touch in the world, permanently, in Inkless.
We currently have a short playable prototype available here below (for Windows and Mac), with a full (hopefully polished) demo planned for release by the end of Spring 2018. This prototype experiments with the 2.5D world hybrid setup, the general reception to the art direction, world direction, and lays the groundwork for the real core mechanics to truly shine in future builds.
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Twitter handle: @yattaramencart
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  • WASD or Arrow Keys for movement
  • Press E to pickup objects OR talk to objects/NPCs
  • HOLD E for TWO SECONDS to absorb objects in the world
  • TAB to change the brush mode
  • Mouse Left Click to draw
  • Mouse Right Click to slive
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel to zoom in/out
  • Q to open an inventory of unlocked and locked brushes

Version Details (0.0.8):

  • Many levels created in order to ease the player into the controls

Lots of content updated :

  • Kirin added!
  • Shrine added!
  • Grove improved!
  • Koi pond added!
  • Boy area added!

Known Bugs:

  • Object triggers are hard when a million things in this game require them. NPC's will have broken dialogue if objects are painted on top of their triggers.

Design Related :

  • Controls are not immediately clear to all, some people get it, others don't
  • Actions need more feedback
  • Gameplay loop needs... more. Redesigned, and new changes incoming.
Graduate of UCSC Games and Playable Media - Designer
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Mac; Windows