It's a cards games collection. It's my first game project. It's takes me about 6 months to create it. Only solo mode is available now. The biggest game is the Bull and it's about 80 000 code lines (including white line). The most complex game is the President (Ass-hole). All the game is playing on nGUI elements. I'm still a noobs and i know a little bit about Unity 3D but i have alot of fun discovering the tool. I don't have alot of education dedicate to language programing else than 2 course at the college. It's available on Google Play and if you try it, you will learn how much Heartstone is boring compare to the Bull game. The games set is dedicate to North America peoples. They are cultural and peoples got alot of fun playing them. I'm proud of it. Adecke.
Phlippe Pelchat
Programmer, Project Manager - Programmer