Space Shooter
Updated a year ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Windows
Tutorial with several added features.
I added about as many features as I could think of such as levels (waves), top 10 high scores in binary file, increasing hazard numbers and decreasing hazard spawn times per wave, side shots (at level 10) that actually work with ship tilt, increased shot rate at wave 30, and you get 3 ships to destroy along with cheesy degrading messages when you do so :). The name input field gets focus upon scene load and the confirm button works with enter/return key, not just mouse clicks. When you lose all of your ships, the high scores scene loads where you have the option to just restart or return to name entry scene. I think now I'm going to work on making mobile builds for it. This is my first game that wasn't just roll-a-ball tutorial. I know it's just a tutorial, but I've had a lot of fun adding features.
Ian Pritt
Coder - Programmer
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Linux; Mac; Windows