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Android; Gear VR; HTC Vive
A VR art gallery with 10 different, surreal experiences, each unique and different from one another.
This is a virtual art gallery full of virtual reality experiences based on the theme, Dreams. Each "Dream" experience is accessed by interacting with an item in the gallery, at which point you enter another world.
Each experience was created by members of HVRE as part of a community project. Members were given the opportunity to create experiences as an individual within a larger community of developers and artists ready to help. Members were asked to brainstorm, establish a design document, manage the project scope, set goals, as well as publicly present project progress.
Experiences include:
Air Mail - Tim Knowlton
Bubbles - Shea Rembold, Zach Hunt
Fluffy Water - Leonard Wedderburn
Interaction - Shea Rembold
Shadow Play - Zach Hunt, Shea Rembold, Shylo Shepherd
Sol Mates - Christopher Royse, Zach Hunt, Leonard Wedderburn, Vincent Mattingly, Shea Rembold, Alexander Leverone
SPAce - Christina Hillard, Christopher Royse, Alexander Leverone, Zach Hunt
Toy Room - Dustin Peerce
Very Rad Vaporwave Racing Virtual Reality Addition Edition - Vincent Mattingly
Yenen's Tale - Christopher Royse, Shea Rembold, Alexander Leverone
The Museum - Shea Rembold
Project organizer - Shylo Shepherd
Christopher Royse (Yeti)
Graphic/Game Design Freelancer - Owner
shylo shepherd
Designer / Artist - Designer
Leonard Wedderburn
VR/AR Developer and Instructor - Designer
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Supported Platforms
Android; Gear VR; HTC Vive