Felicity Toad
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Linux; Mac; Windows; Android; iOS; Xbox 360; PlayStation 4
A 2D platforming musical adventure. Lake Eden is flooded by salt water in a great storm, forcing Felicity and her family of near on 500 out into the forest. Many die and become victims of the seagulls, shrill and frenzied, survivors crawl out on to the lake side in masses, but it is Felicity who emerges onto the tiny island where her mother and father are desperately looking out for their closest. It is Felicity who is given the quest to find a new home, she must venture into the woods alone in search of Uncle Yen's abode from where she will be able to search the forests with her Uncle's guidance. But he is strange, moody and unpredictable. She will likely have to do this alone...
Felicity Toad will be a unique experience, once she enters the forest she will meet all kinds of characters of dubious nature. She is typical of the residents of Lake Eden, naive and innocent, she has never told a lie nor been told one, but soon the world will affect her for the better or for the worse. It will be you the player who decides how she copes and reacts to the way she is treated, it may even be beneficial to your game play to become temporarily evil in order to access level areas and other unknown characters, and visa versa. It is up to you as to whether she will know both good and evil.
There are many games these days that expect you to make moral choices with not always predictable outcomes, so what really makes Felicity Toad unique? Firstly, it will be a musical, that is how you will know when you've found an important plot character/plot twist or whether they are just another resident of the landscape, you will be rewarded with music and lyrics, a song of their plight. The game aims to be full of emotional and magical moments, from funny to tragic, but being a musical is not all that will make Felicity different.
When it comes to combat, our small black and white protagonist will become very adept at throwing, plus a bit of self defense, but it is the manner in which this is dealt with. Firstly, there is the origin of the main plot story, a couple of unlikely mice will need your help, and in return they tell you that you can trade anything shiny with the magpies, once you have figured out how to befriend them of course. In return they will give you the junk they have collected or know where to find a stash of, that, well, isn't quite so shiny. Some of it may even be quite heavy, which is all the better for throwing at predators, but you will have to get nearer, possibly much. With all this different junk to lob, Felicity will have an organiseable inventory in which she can choose the order things are thrown, an image of the next peice will appear in the GUI so she can see what she is about to throw next.
This is just one of the mechanics that will make this game unique, our philosophy is that all the small differences will add up to the greater whole :)
Here is a test map for the first third of the game
Here is the initial version of the startup screen with rough music sample
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Linux; Mac; Windows; Android; iOS; Xbox 360; PlayStation 4