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Updated 5 months ago
WALTWALTWALT interactive 3dwebgl inspirational poster for Airmen that has a slider allowing intricate control of shielding of info and mechanisms being sent with the quantum eraser experiment focusing night sky space light waves to particles
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sketch of external mind structuring glows with the lights the F35's drones cast in a frozen scene of the fog screen cammo allowing the illusion of extreme speed and teleportation often falsely reported as something supernatural.
the quantum eraser experiment proves that we are alone in intelligence in the universe throughout time because it is basic and extremely powerful allowing us to rewrite light waves to particles throughout time allowing us to sculpt mechanisms of light and travel the universe in moments then return before sent to anywhere thought and any thought throughout time.
added sliders allowing a spin of the scene and extreme control of the placement of shields on information and external aps and programs centered into the shields.
use the quantum eraser experiment with phones covered in a scrap plastic lens pointed at night sky.
light as a sculpture medium
bout to add some mouse interactivity to the scene of alpha video textures that is rarely seen in 3dwebgl like in the last work WWw.BurialExport.US aiming at creating tools that are virtually non existent among the pool of visual information specialists. This could earn me a badge or some extra protection while exporting burial to Antarctica that offers free burial after the first export completeing an example of completed orders from Full Flying Col. Walter John Overend.

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