Published a year ago
In development
Mac; Windows; WebGL
A Public Radio Simulator!
WASD-FM is a public radio simulator that started as an entry for Global Game Jam 2018. Coder Kevin Brooks, En Hughey, and myself (as a game manager and sound designer) teamed up to see what happens!
I actually work at a public radio station, and when the Transmissions jam theme popped up, it seemed like an obvious choice for the team.
En drew up some art, Kevin developed the game mechanics (air schedule, program computer, and record player), and I managed the game development and threw together some sound design. Post jam, we decided that we should keep working on it as a hobby.
So now we're doing just that! The aim is to make a game with 3 levels. You start in the country, running a small low powered radio station, move up to the city, and end in a large market in a media giant.
The main game mechanic is the broadcast schedule. As the game-world's clock ticks, the player has to keep track of the station's scheduled programs, making sure that they've queued up the right shows in the automation computer, remembering to drop the appropriate record onto the platter, etc. We're adding many side mechanics to throw curveballs in, one being a patch bay that randomly gets messed up by the station's cat, or a ghost ("darn gremlins!"), and station fans dropping by to chit-chat while you work.
Thanks for checking out the game and I hope you keep coming back for updates! I'll regularly post them as they come! We hope to have an art design nailed down soon, so that will be fun to share! I'm also working on the feature of random townsfolk dropping in to talk, and Kevin is working on a better automation computer system!
See ya!
Kurt Roembke
Developer / Music & Sound - Manager
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; WebGL