My memories
Published a year ago
My memories
The memories shows an era in which videogame machines were used, the machines were large in size, with bright colors and drawings that indicated that they were dealing with the game, to use them, it was necessary to go to a store with machines or buy yours, for my luck, my cousins had machines, I went to his house to play. When I met them, they caught my attention, because I had never seen one, but from the first moment I had fun, Always I’m entertained myself with the objectives of video games, they were simple, there were fights, races and dances. I always won in the fight, because I pressed the buttons quickly and accurately, in which I lost were in the dance, because I have never had the ability to dance and I do not like, I decided to draw a video game machine because it was an instrument that allowed to live together with cousins or neighbors, in the competitions that were carried out to know who was the best.

The Memmories to shows me when I was 9 years old and my first videogame consoles Always I play videogames of fighter, shooters, fantasy and sports I am interested in knowing how to play each one, and that each one teaches different things that form you as a person, besides videogames would allow me to develop perseveration skills and improve my visual intelligence. Video games allow you to live with different people, family and friends, also allows you to have fun on your own, because it is not necessary to carry out a duel to have fun, because the story is entertaining enough.
The Memories shows the trips I made with my dad in my childhood, allowed me to know different roads, landscapes and people. The drawing shows a bus of which my father was driving, in which he took people to his destination, he was big, of a striking color, with a lot of space in each seat, besides having a huge mirror that allowed him to observe My dad had the whole panorama and had two mirrors at his sides because it is necessary for the driver to pay attention to everything that happens around the road to avoid accidents. On the other hand there is a road, because it allowed me to see trees, pastures and animals, therefore I had more knowledge of my country. It also allowed me to appreciate the trees, so I decided to draw one, since it showed me that the trees provided a purer, stronger and healthier air, also produce different flowers and fruits. Finally the raccoon is one of the many animals that I observed in my childhood, the trips allowed me to identify the animals that I knew through books and taught me that I share the world with animals, so I must respect them, since they respect and take care of them because they are living beings
For the process i use Blender, Photoshop and Unity
Juan Ponce