My memories
Published a year ago
Will Proxi Challenge

The Bullying...

During the middle School, I was a victim of Bullying and literally, that changes me forever... During that phase of my life, I was a very sad boy, but with the time, I learned to forgive, avoid offensive things and be postivie no matter what.

The first Asthma Attack

I was only a 5 year old boy when my first asthma attack... I was playing videogames, when the attack begun... I spent 3 days at the hospital, and when I came back to my house, I found that my room stayed exactly the same those 3 days....
I have never imagined how life could suddenly change forever...

Concert: From childhood till today.

My parents are huge fans of depeche mode, and i have listened to them all my life. There was no day without one of their songs, especially, during the nights, because my parents used to sit and drink together... When I was 18, I moved to Puebla alone, and miss them a lot... But, DM songs helped me to feel a bit closer to them...
This year, they came to Mexico after 9 years, and obviously, we went to see them together. It was an incredible experience, a mixed of feelings of today an my childhood, and honestly, is a moment that I will always remember.



A few Screenshots of my Process. For my good luck, I have always known that those 3 moments had a big impact on my life. Then, I just let the ideas flow. I worked on my Laptop and my PC because of school issues. Software used: Maya, Photoshop and obviously, Unity. The human model was used only to size references, I tried to avoid the use of humans on the scenarios.
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Nice camera movement for transitions. Enjoyed watching. Good storytelling.