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Proxi Art Challenge work

"When the typhoon comes, our house is comfortable."

In the summer of 2001, my home was bankrupt immediately before I was a junior high student at elementary school. So we repaired the deserted house.
You may think that it is an unfortunate memory for me because of the word bankrupt, but I never once thought it was unhappy. Rather, it was a happy memory for me.
At that time, we had to repair the house, but when the typhoon blows, the house shook very much. The typhoon (MAEMI) that came in 2003 was about to break half of the house, and my parents hugged and slept with my younger brother at that time. And I told my brother, 'I'm too scary', and my brother answered. 'We are not dead.' I remember my brother's answer was that my mind and body were stable and that I slept right away. In the morning, half of the house ceiling was missing.

"Thank you, Park Chan-ho."

I wanted to play baseball after watching the documentaries of Choi Dong Won and Sun Dong Ryul (Korean baseball player).
However, in the countryside, few friends knew baseball, and there were no shops to buy baseball-related items. Then, three people became baseball, one pitcher, one batter, and one outfielder. When a batter hits a hit, he makes a virtual runner and keeps hitting it until one out.
At first we used lumber instead of bat. And the ball used a rubber ball. By the time our hands were chapped on lumber, Park Chan Ho from LA Dodgers got amazing popularity in Korea and started selling baseball goods to local shop. I was able to buy a baseball bat and glove. However, the local shop did not sell the ball. Instead, a tennis ball began to enter the store. We could use a tennis ball instead of a rubber ball.

"Speed Racer and girllike heart."

When I travel with my girlfriend, we go mostly to the countryside. When we went on our first trip, we found a small cart circuit. So, to show my girlfriend a nice picture of me, I suggested driving to my girlfriend. My girlfriend, who agreed with a shy face, ran a 3Lap when I ran 1Lap. She was like Alexander who met Bucephalus. As I looked at my girlfriend, I could not stop my heart pounding like a shy teen girl.

Project Work Process

- Initial preparation phase
I am a Programmer. So I do not have much design experience. Also, I was late to participate in the competition, and I had to proceed with the contest along with the part-time work. So I decided that the agile methodology would be the most efficient because both ability and time were not enough. The important thing is that I have to include the time to explain because I am not good at English !!!...
- Work planning and progress
All textures are made of '2048 * 2048 Atlas map'. I made one 'Diffuse map' and two 'Transparent map'. A lot of space was wasted in the result than the initial prediction.
The reason for collecting progress from the beginning to the larger Atlas without creating separately is because of the simplification of the work. All modeling and painting were handled in Blender. The details of the model were drawn from the blender by creating a Brush from Gimp. Or dot.
For example, The environmental elements (leaf flies, grass) were drawn to the plane, so I got a higher resolution. Every environmental element created a brush in GIMP.
Also, use 'Hand painted map' instead of 'Normal map', or increase Polygon.
Character Animation seemed to catch a sense of making. So once we rigged all the characters and created an animation that would suit each scene. As a result, most of them have not been used.
Particle used 'Unity Particle System'. I did not use 'Activation Track' in 'Timeline Editor' but run it as Source Code. Because it uses the alpha value of the UI, it is much easier to manage the execution of particles in the source code.
Modeling started Memorable things in the note in Brain storming style, without a sketch.
Lighting used only natural light 4 directions. The lighting was used only as a usage to illuminate the obscured parts in the sprite image.
Skybox used only one Sprite image.
Camera used 'Cinemachine Asset'. I used three Dolly Track Cameras and one Virtual Camera. In the entire scene, only need to 'Fade in' and 'Fade out' the screen effect, so i made created the Source Code.
Sound used 'YouTube Audio Library'.
Recording used 'Unity Recorders'.

Component Description.

- Describes memories in the components of a scene.

outhouse (toilet). My whole life dream is to have a bigger bathroom than my room. There are always plenty of flies and maggots, House Centipede and crickets all over the outhouse. I just made it fly because I did not want to look too dirty.

cattle shed. It is a place where rabbits and chickens are raised. At the back of the house, the wormwood and clover in the reservoir, arrowroot grew a lot. And there were many insects like moth. Almost every day I and my brothers went to the reservoir to collect the arrowroot, moth and clover and feed the chickens and rabbits.

Computer room. It was like a small warehouse. There were a lot of rats. There was always a rat running around the ceiling, and there was always a rat pee smell in the room. In addition, there was a shoe closet inside the double door of the room, and there was a smell of foot. So I always put charcoal on the shoe closet. It was a space filled with 486 computer-specific beep sound, modem connection sound, and various scents.

Kitchen and shower room. There was no boiler as Ondol. So we washed in cold water in the summer and boiled in the cauldron in the winter.

Big Room. It is a room where parents and younger brother sleep. I spend most of my time awake in this room. There was always a Bible on my mother 's dressing table. Ondol is a warm enough space to sleep in 10 seconds when I lie down, so someone always covered me with blanket when I fell asleep.

Small Room. My brother and I are sleeping rooms. There was a Korean style wardrobe called 'Jagaejang'. I remember trying to get inside the closet and try to close the door as much as possible. When we moved, most of the furniture and items were forsaken or seized, but 1Box Classic LP and Electric phonograph remained. I have never used Electric phonograph before we moved in. However, at night it was always late because of the cricket crying, so I started listening to the radio using an electric phonograph. It has been part of my life to listen to the radio before I fall asleep even today.

work place. It is a space to store firewood. It was the place where my father made firewood on rainy days. When the weather is good, my dad made firewood in a small yard with kitchen side way LPG gas. I still remember vivid images of my father who moved the giant tree with 'jigae'.

School. It was not my school. It was a 'women's commercial high school'. It had a wide playground, a good bicycle ride, we could drink water from the temple, go to the valley along the side of the temple, and there was plenty of trees to collect insects. Shiitake mushrooms farm And the reptiles in the rice field. It was the best place to play.
The Rubber Ball, which I used to play baseball for the first time, was made by buying boron from a pharmacy. The Rubber Ball purchased from the store was too elastic and small in size, so it wasn't suitable for baseball.

# 3
Korea is a country of four seasons. So even if you are traveling in the same place, you can see a completely different landscape at different times. If you look at the leaves, it is all blue green, it is the color of leaves that are common in Korea in summer. And red is Red Prumus which is flowering in late winter.
It was about late winter when we drove the cart. When I drove the cart, I felt like my face was torn. Then I made a promise with my girlfriend. Next time we come to the summertime, we'll just hit the cart all day. That's three years ago. I promise that someday I will go to the cart in summer.

min sung ban
Before starving to death ... - Programmer