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Into- Light
Updated 7 months ago
Humans turn into weird creatures when exposed to the apparent sunlight. #SAPACChallenge

Final Submission

About The Project

"Into- Light" (tentative name) is something I'm working on for this South APAC Challenge. I decided to make a scene that portrays a story given the theme and make use of the Cinemachine, Timeline and the Post-Processing stack. Since I don't have Unity 2018 yet, it's hard to say if the Visual Shader will be used, especially since I've had a late start now.

The Story

In the near future, an unknown reason causes humans to have a strange reaction to the apparent sunlight turning them into weird beings. Some humans embrace the change and allow themselves to transform, whereas the ones that want to retain their humanity are forced to live in the shadows. Eventually the newly transformed "humans" take over society and a new era begins. Those that still remain human are reduced to a minority.

The Workflow

Update Start ---- 5/5/2018 ---- 5:07PM
Initially, I made some rough sketches regarding the different shots I wanted to portray. After that I started modelling the environments and characters using Blender.
I wanted a shot that highlights the city in question. After modelling and texturing it in Blender. I imported it to Unity. As you can see, the colors seem pretty dull right now. So, using Unity's Lighting and the Post Processing Stack. I used various post-processing elements to give it a reddish environment feel with bloom to highlight things. I also used the Unity Canvas to add some near-black bars to give it an aesthetic feel. For the characters, I used the MK-Toony shaders available in the asset store.
I plan to utilize the same reddish theme through out the scene.

This particular city is run by a king who happens to be very peanut like. The model again, was made in blender.
I've planned to add two cat like creatures to fan our Lord Peanut.

Adjust the lighting and apply some post processing to get the final color scheme of the shot.

Here is a view of the shopping district.
I plan on connecting all the different shots together using the Cinemachine and Timeline to connect them together to give an idea of the world. The models have been made and animated using Blender and then used in Unity. They're using the MK Toony shaders as well.

I'm using different lighting and post processing profiles for the different shots of the same scene. I'll be making sure they connect using the virtual cameras later when adding the Cinemachine and Timeline. The play-ground made is planned to be populated by transformed kids.
I guess I should add that a lot of the shots I made are somewhat influenced by the scenery I've seen around me in my County Pakistan.
The red and yellow environment colors actually came from the general atmosphere in the country.

Some more, work-in-progress shots.
I do believe that these shots came out this way due to the post processing and lighting applied. As the models and textures are pretty dull colored (on purpose that is).
Anyway, I'm trying my best to finish the video on time which can convey the setting of the world of "Into- Light". I have yet to model and animate more characters and maybe add more detail to the city. I also need to connect the shots using the Cinemachine and Timeline. However, I'll have to manage between the deadline and University. Hopefully, I'll somehow get it done. I'll be updating on progress when I've made more additions which I'm working on right now. If you found this interesting, please leave a like and do give me any comments and suggestions that you'd like to give. Update End ---- 5/5/2018 ---- 5:07PM

Update Start ---- 5/6/2018 ---- 8:47PM
Added the cat like creatures to fan Lord Peanut over there.

Also created kid-size creatures to play in the park with a bear-man watching from the back.

Update Start ---- 5/6/2018 ---- 8:50PM
Update Start ---- 5/8/2018 ---- 4:14AM
So, I'm pretty much done with the minimal number of characters and their animations to get the idea of the world across (at least in my opinion). Now, I'll be adding the Cinemachine and Timeline to connect it all together. The animations and models could've been better but I have to focus more on completion right now, so here we are. :0 Since I'll be busy later, I'll have to finish this in the next 24 hours or so. Here's to hoping it gets done. :) Do remember to leave a like if you found this interesting and give any comments/suggestions you have. :) Oh and here's the last weird creature that'll be making an appearance.

Update End---- 5/8/2018 ---- 4:24AM
Update Start ---- 5/9/2018 ---- 3:37AM
So, I've finally ended up completing the video. I'm possibly one of the lesser experienced participants. To sequence all the shots and animations, I made use of virtual cameras, cinemachine and timeline. When transitioning between shots I either blended the cameras or created colored frames using the unity Canvas UI (by animating the opacity of images in the canvas).
The animations could use work but I decided to leave them this way as it gave this puppet-ey feel (and the fact that I have Uni work to complete). This was a fun experience for me and I learned loads of new things. If you liked this project, do give me a like. If you have any comments/suggestions, feel free to post them. The final video is linked above. Update End---- 5/9/2018 ---- 3:48AM
Update Start ---- 5/9/2018 ---- 9:03PM
Decided to show all the models i created via sketchfab. I just put them all in the same file so I wouldn't have to upload each one separately. xD
Update End---- 5/9/2018 ---- 9:05PM

Ending Remarks

All the models, textures and animations were made by me.
For music, I used
Made use of:
  1. Post Processing Stack (extensively, literally the entire color scheme is handled by it and the lighting)
  2. Cinemachine
  3. Timeline
  4. MK Toon Free
  5. Recorder

If you liked this project, do give me a like.
If you have any comments/suggestions, feel free to post them.

The final video is linked at the top of this article.
(Also if I'm missing something from the submission, do let me know.)

Muhammad Ibtesam
7 months ago
3D Technology & Innovation Lead - Other
Hey mate - wow what a difference the Post Processing Stack makes! Can't wait to see an animation of your sequence!