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Bag Box is a shared controller, fighting, jam game for 2 players that centers around reads, reactions and reversals! Players swap between attacking and defending, with the attacker trying punch away their opponent’s stamina, while the defender tries to dodge enough to fill up the reversal meter! Once the reversal meter is filled, players reverse roles! The first player to knock the stuffing out of the other wins!


Bag Box was a game created by four team members in 48 hours for the 2017 Chillenium Game Jam, the world’s largest student run game jam, at Texas A&M. The jam’s theme was “Role Reversal” (Eg. princess rescuing dragon from castle), and with A&M being such a sports-centric college it became apparent we would be making a role swapping sports game of some sort.
As such, Bag Box was crafted to be played around a reversing mechanic that switches players from attack to defense. Funnily enough, the characters at the start of the game’s production were noodles, and only last second did we get the no-brainer idea to swap them into punching bags to push that role reversal theme even further.


Bag Box is centered on the two different roles players must learn to defeat their opponents: attacking, and defending. However, due to the fact you’re sharing the controller with someone else, there’s a level of physical gameplay not often found in digital games. Much of the game’s depth comes from players faking eachother out in order to land successful hits and reversals. Once a players stamina bar is depleted, the one left standing is the victor! Below is more details on how the roles work in game.


While in the attacking role players are able to throw left or right hooks, as well as straight jabs. While attacking, players have a limited amount of time to throw a flurry of blows at their opponent. However, players mindlessly throwing punches will find their opponents reading their attacks, allowing them to dodge, fill up the reversal meter and go on the offensive!


While on defense, players must dodge the attacker’s punches and cannot dish out damage. That being said, every time they successfully dodge a punch the reversal meter jumps up shortening the duration the attacker has to take the defender down.

Notable Features


We wanted to give the game that authentic boxing feel. We decided this would be best captured through a voice recorded announcer that would call the game. With over 150 custom voice lines recorded in the span of 48 hours, the announcer adds not only authenticity, but an incredible level of polish. Whether players are being jested about reading the instructions, or being told how their hands are moving faster than a prairie dog on a hot summer day, the commentator always has something to say during the bout.


In keeping with our game jam tradition of leveraging in-engine tools, the player’s wiggly animation is entirely code driven. By feeding positions to a curve and rendering a mesh on said curve, we were able to get high-quality, adaptable, jiggly movements within a few hours.

Coverage and Awards

Best Overall Game at Chillenium 2017

Benjamin Scott
Game Designer and Unity Developer - Owner
Cody Romphf
Co-Founder - Designer
Shae Humphries
2D Artist - Artist
Joshua Cappelli
Director - Owner
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