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Sorrel, breakfast and oil painting

Hello, I'm Vlad, a game artist from Lithuania. In this video, which is made for Proxi Art Challenge, I would like to share with you three of my memories, which I've turned into 3D game art.
When I was a little kid, about 6 years old, I remember being so impressed with the taste of sorrel leaves. So after a couple of weeks, I ended up having my own little sorrel plantation on the windowsill and after more than 20 years, it makes me smile when I remember the excitement of growing on my own, out of a tiny seed, something that looked like a spinach but tasted like a lemon.
During my school years, my mom usually start work before my classes begin. Almost every day, before going to work, she would prepare breakfast for me, usually my favorite: bread, butter and two boiled eggs. She would wrap the eggs in a thick towel so they would remain warm for a long time. Till this day, it's a heartwarming memory that usually pops out when I dive into my childhood memories.
In my early twenties, I decided to become a student of a fine art academy and started to work on traditional art skills in my bedroom so I could pass the entry exam. My most memorable episode from that journey was my very first attempt to paint with oil. From the very first brushstroke, I instantly loved all aspects of it, such as the smell and the way it felt and looked. That was really something.


My main tool for this project was Foundry Modo. I've also used Substance Painter and Photoshop a little bit. Video composed in Filmora.
These images are shaded with stander unity materials. Camera animation made with Cinemachine and all post-processing done with Unity's Post-Processing stack.
In the beginning I've planned to make environments much bigger, but during the process I found many stuff unecessary and somehow distracting from the main point, so I've contracted object count to minimum.
In the first scene, as you can see, I've planned to do the whole appartament building and make a camera fly to one particular window with sorrel plantation.
Here is my first minimize step (I've made alpha sheet with different sorts of filliage but refused to used it after all):
Second scene was planned to be bigger, but later I've also decided to make it more simple.
As you can see bellow, same simplification happened with the third scene also. Here is a blockout and more detailed pass.
Hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you.
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