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HTC Vive
VR Arcade Platformer
VR arcade platformer made in 3 months as final course project.
In an ancient time, Dakmo locked Zeia inside a deep chamber, after some centuries, a civilization known as T’kaas felt the power of the prison. They built a temple above it to protect and seal the divine power that comes from there. When the T’kaas were vanished from the existence, some creatures started to habit the temple. But now, an earthquake caused the collapsing of the ceiling releasing Zeia's power.
In the game, you play as Zeia’s avatar, in third person. You can move Zeia left or right, jump, dash and attack. Zeia has wind powers, so you as player can control this powers in your benefit. In this platformer for VR, the levels are generated above the player, in each level there are traps and enemies that the player must avoid, if the player is slow, the lava will end up burning him. The final score is the total height reached during the escape.

Michael Agredo Orozco
Game Developer - Programmer
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HTC Vive